How to order

Ordering an Interpreter


An interpreter’s services can be ordered for a half-day or the whole day. A half-day interpreting session should not exceed 4 hours; one-day interpreting should not exceed 8 hours, including breaks.
Simultaneous interpreting requires two interpreters for each language pair. Consecutive interpreting at relatively short events with a small number of participants requires only one interpreter; longer events with a lot of spoken content require two interpreters who take turns.

For simultaneous interpreting, you also need to order an interpreter’s booth and the appropriate audio equipment.

Rates and Payment

Interpreting services are charged by half-day and whole day rates. Exceptions and discounts are possible for very short events (shorter than 1 hour). We do not offer hourly rates.
We charge a cancellation fee of 50 percent of the basic rate (in the event that the client cancels the order 1 day prior to the event) and 100 percent of the basic rate (in case of cancellation on the day of the event).
The client will receive an invoice, payable within 2 weeks. We are VAT registered.

In order to provide the best quality interpreting, the client should:

  • ensure that the interpreter has a direct view of the speaker(s) and the audience;
  • ensure good audibility;
  • provide the interpreter with any texts to be read at the event, as well as any written documents (presentations to be shown) prior to the event

Only if all these conditions are met can we take full responsibility for our work and deliver the best results.

Ordering a Translation

If you need anything translated, we need to know the following information:

  • what type of text you need translated;
  • the language combination and direction of translation;
  • purpose of the translation (target audience; text intended for publishing, etc.)
  • deadline by which you need the translation completed;
  • any special requirements (for example, using your company’s terminology or document formatting).

Translations are charged by standard page (1 standard page = 1,800 characters including spaces). You need to send us the text beforehand so we can give you a quote. We will calculate the number of pages of the source text, and give you an estimate of the target number of pages (text length varies slightly in translation). For MS Word documents, we count the number of characters including spaces; for MS Power Point documents, we use a word count.

Once you place an order, we will assign your text to the best suited translator(s) and proofreader(s), depending on the type and scope of the text (we will check their availability before we give you a quote). The price of a translation always includes editing/proofreading by a fellow translator.

Should you decide to cancel your order after it has already been assigned, you will be charged for the work the translator(s) and proofreader(s) have completed at the time of cancellation.

If you already have a similar text to that which you need translated, we would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with it to ensure consistency. If in doubt, our translators may ask you to clarify certain parts of the text, or ask whether you prefer them to use any specific terms.

You will receive an invoice, payable within 2 weeks. We are VAT registered.

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