Miroslav Pošta

  • Freelance translator, copy-editor and proof-reader
  • Translation project manager
  • Co-ordinator of linguistic validation of medical questionnaires
  • External collaborator of the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
  • Working languages:
  • English<>Czech
  • Swedish>Czech
  • Slovak>Czech




1994–2000 Faculty of Arts, Charles University, master’s programme (Mgr. degree, 2000) Major: Translation and Interpreting – English (Institute of Translation Studies) Minor: Economics (Department of Economics)
1999 University of Westminster, London – course in conference interpreting
1998–2000 Department of German, Dutch and Nordic Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University – Swedish language
1997-1998 Faculty of Law, Charles University – legal English for translators and interpreters

Further language education and study visits abroad:

2013-2014 Jazyková škola Mgr. Dana Čepková Croatian language course for intermediate learners
2002 Folkuniversitetet, Stockholms universitet – Swedish language course for advanced learners
2001 Billströmska folkhögskolan, Tjörn, Sweden – Swedish Institute, Stockholm – Swedish language course for advanced learners
1998 Brussels – interpreting traineeship at EU institutions
1997 Tenterden, UK – Rotary Club programme for students of Translation Studies

Professional Experience – major jobs in more detail

  • Project Management – since 2000

Project Manager for a number of Babylonia’s translation and interpreting projects, including regular translation of articles from The Economist for the leading Czech weekly Respekt (2007–2014), regular translation of articles for Bloomberg Businessweek Czech Republic (2014/2015)

  • Translations – since 1993

journalistic, business, technical, scientific, audiovisual (subtitles, dubbing), theatre, literary

  • Interpreting – 1998-2009

simultaneous & consecutive interpreting – conferences, film festivals, business and official trips, EU pre-accession assistance projects

  • Linguistic Validation – since 2006

co-ordinating the work on Czech versions of medical questionnaires (clinical outcome assessment measures – COA, PRO, ClinRO) for a leading global provider of Linguistic Validation, following WHO methodology

  • Publishing – since 2011

publishing e-books and printed books – fiction, publications for translators

  • Other related activities

Proofreading, revision and copy-editing, teaching (corpus linguistics for translators, audiovisual translation – lectures at the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)

Professional Experience – major jobs in more detail


  • Translations of newspaper texts

Regular translation of articles from The Economist for publication by Respekt (since 2007) and Ekonom, (2009-2012) two leading Czech weeklies; translation of BusinessWeek articles for Euro, a Czech economic weekly (2002)

  • Audiovisual translations – subtitles, dubbing, voice-over

Documentaries, feature films, TV series and shows for Czech dubbing, voice-over and subtitling – Česká produkční 2000, Barrandov Studio etc. (over 5300 minutes, broadcast by TV Nova and other major Czech channels – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case, Dawson’s Creek, The Aquanauts, Ärliga blå ögon, Mystic Pizza, Nobody’s Fool etc.); One World film festival, film makers and DVD publishers; training and promotional videos

  • Literary translations (in selection)

Fiction, non-fiction: Inger Edelfeldt, Himalayan Folktales – bookHimalayan Folktales – audiobook, Swedish Folktales, Diki Tsering, Rinchen Lhamo etc. Plays: Henning Mankell, Nilo CruzMattias Brunn etc.

  • Translations for EU Phare and technical assistance projects

Internal audit and PIFC (Czech Ministry of Finance, Czech Regional Authorities, Sofreco); social security co-ordination in the EU including translation of numerous ECJ judgments (Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Social Security Administration), social inclusion (Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), gender equality (Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), EDIS (Czech Ministry of Finance), public procurement (Institute of International Relations Prague) etc.

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, biological and sociological studies, summaries, and manuals

For university and clinical professionals (Purkinje University, Charles University), manuals for medical devices (IBC Medica, Medtronic)

  • Other: development aid and human rights, quality assurance, banking, corporate, marketing, telecommunications, tenders, legal, contracts, agreements, protocols, annual reports, catalogues, manuals etc.

Interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive)

  • Meetings, lectures, conferences, official visits at and by the Senate of the Czech Parliament

Foreign Affairs Department of the Czech Senate

  • The environment – greenhouse gas trading, EIA, IPPC, biodiversity, climate change, pollution, waste management etc.

Czech Ministry of the Environment, peer reviews by the European Commission and OECD (including simultaneous interpreting of an OECD session in Paris), a number of conferences and seminars, bilateral meetings, interpreting for the Minister; Heinrich Böll Foundation

  • Film and theatre festivals

One World human rights film festival (People in Need Foundation), International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava, Finále Plzeň (festival of Czech films), Pilsen Theatre Festival

  • EU Phare pre-accession (EU Phare Twinning) and technical assistance projects

Numerous training and other sessions: Czech Ministry of Finance (internal audit in public administration), Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Social Security Administration (social security co-ordination in the EU, social inclusion, gender equality, etc.), Czech Ministry of Education (public procurement, partnership building, European Social Fund, recognition of qualifications), Czech Centre for Regional Development (auditing of EU co-financed projects), Czech Ministry for Regional Development (utilisation of Structural Funds), Sofreco and Czech Regional Authorities (internal audit)

  • A number of other conferences, workshops, meetings and visits

Crime prevention (Prague City Hall), education of local government employees (Prague City Hall), trafficking in human beings (La Strada), agricultural chemicals and the future of farming (BASF Agro), tour of Swedish universities by Czech university officials (Czech Centre for Research of Higher Education), marketing and management training sessions (publishing industry, engineering, retail), focus groups (surveys about various products from soft drinks to credit cards), legal negotiations and IT audit (for a pension fund), audits, management meetings, interviews, training sessions, business meetings, tenders

Linguistic validation

  • Co-ordination of the process of developing Czech versions of medical questionnaires – for a leading global provider of linguistic validation

Proof-reading, revision and copy-editing

  • Revision of translations of articles from Bloomberg Businessweek (for Bloomberg Businessweek Czech Republic), articles from The Economist for Respekt and Ekonom, articles from BusinessWeek articles for Euro, etc.
  • EU legislation– European Central Bank, Phare projects
  • Technical texts, corporate and financial materials, newspaper articles, etc. (since 1998)
  • Prague 2000 Daily – proof-reading of English text for MF Dnes and The Prague Post
  • Copy-editing of fiction translations and subtitles


  • Courses and lectures on corpus-aided translation and employment of state-of-the-art tools in translation, corpus-assisted translation, and audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling) Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University


Other skills

  • Subtitling in Subtitle Workshop, VisualSubSync etc.
  • SDL Trados Studio 2017

„Všechno prý začalo v Babylónu.
Od zmatení jazyků lidstvo potřebuje překladatele a tlumočníky.“